Wangapeka Centre – Covid 19 News – Now at Level 2 – (August 12 update)

Covid-19 WET Update 12 August

Kia ora koutou,

We have now moved to level 2 covid–19 response, for all of NZ except for Auckland at level 3. 

The Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre remains open during level two, with the Government and WET safety protocols in place. We will need to close immediately if the alert level goes up to level three.

Please contact the office caretaker for more information:
Or contact your course manager directly.

We appreciate your patience and kindness.
May all beings be well and happy, may all beings be free.

Covid-19 WET Update 18 June

Update for Covid-19 Level 1

Kia ora koutou
We are so glad to now have the centre running retreats again!
Here is an outline of where the centre sits in response to the Covid-19 Level 1 restrictions:
1. We no longer have a limit of 10 people per retreat, with the Government restrictions on gathering size being lifted.
2. There is no longer a requirement for social distancing.
3. Course Managers will continue to ask the questions of course participants before they come to the centre (please see the Covid-19 risk response on our website)
4. We will continue a high standard of hygiene at the centre with our cleaning protocols and encourage participants/visitors to follow the personal hygiene advice also.
5. As part of registration we have good contact tracing in place for course participants and also have a register for visitors to fill out on arrival.

Thank you for your understanding and patience throughout the time of Lockdown and Level 2 restrictions.

The Wangapeka Board of Trustees.

Covid-19 WET Update May 20th

Kia ora whanau

We are happy to announce that the Wangapeka Centre will open again, with our first retreat starting 5th–12th of June

The Wisdom of Angelic Archetypes: A Meditation Retreat with Mira Riddiford

The Wangapeka Centre is also taking bookings for solo retreats again.

Visitors to the Centre

We are following the Level 2 health and safety protocols closely.  All course participants will be advised of these protocols by their course manager.  

Please contact the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre if you intend to visit the centre. Amber: 03 522 4221

The following two retreats have been postponed

Growing Joy – Cultivating Joyful Awareness—with Jaime and Juliana.  This is now an online weekend retreat (Dates and contact details here)


Life as it IsThe Family retreat with Louise, Karen and Glenn,  17 -19 July,

Update – May 14, 2020

Board of Trustees Covid–19 Update:  Wangapeka Centre re-opening on hold.

Kia ora Wangapeka whanau

We have put our plan to re-open on hold, as we work through the Government’s level 2 Covid-19 guidelines, and closely attend to these health and safety concerns.  

Sorry to bring this news to you.  We are sure you understand that we are all in unknown territory and trying to do the best we can for our communities and the country.  We are continuing to review our situation alongside the changes and advice emerging from the Government.

Jaime and Juliana’s retreat Growing Joy – Cultivating Joyful Awareness planned for the re-opening 20–24th May will be postponed.  Keep your eye on the website for more details about this course.  

We’ll keep you updated about new opening dates at the centre.  In the meantime, please contact Amber, the office caretaker, with any questions.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Wishing all beings to be well and happy, wishing all beings to be free.

With Metta
The Board of Trustees.

May all beings be well and happy, may all beings be free!

Update – May 12, 2020 —

We are happy to announce that we will reopen with our first retreat beginning on the 20th of May: Growing Joy – Cultivating Joyful Awareness with Jaime and Juliana.

All retreats will be run with care observing level 2 protocols from the Government and the WET Covid–19 health and safety plan.

“The BOT advises that if, during a retreat, the level rises again to Level 3 or higher, then the retreat must stop and all participants go home.


Update – April 8, 2020 — The BOT advises that future retreats can only go ahead if the National alert is at Level 2, with the Level 2 health and safety protocols in place at the Centre.

If, during a retreat, the level rises again to Level 3 or higher, then the retreat must stop and all participants go home.


Update – March 24, 2020 — Kia ora Wangapeka whanau

We hope you are all safe and well.  Here’s our update on Covid—19 and how this is affecting our treasured Wangapeka Community and Centre.

Current situation in New Zealand:
As of Monday 23rd March the Government has raised the nationwide response to Level 3.  With the response moving to Level 4 on Wednesday 25th at 11.59pm  See the NZ Government website for more details:

The Ministry of Health website has the latest updates showing confirmed cases and the latest  information

Wangapeka Visitors and Course Participants:

In line with Government directives, the Wangapeka Centre will be closed to all visitors and courses, until this situation changes.

Please do not visit the centre at all during this time.

There will be a community of stable residents, in self-isolation, caring for the centre during this Level-4 response.

The next retreat scheduled:  Energy Rides the Winds, with Bonni Ross, April 10th to May 8th will be run off-site for anyone who has supportive circumstances to practice at home.  Morning classes will be given by zoom.  A Donation to the Wangapeka Educational Trust will be necessary for participation.  To register please contact:  Kath Mitchell

All courses, on-site, for at least the next seven weeks, are cancelled.  If you have registered for a course at Wangapeka, your course manager will keep you updated about any changes.  Refund details are below.

We will be resuming our teaching programme on-site as soon as it is safe to do so.

We look forward to staying in touch with you and keeping you up-to-date through this time, via our website, Newsphere Newsletter and Social Media Posts.

Cancellation Policy – Covid-19 Plan – March 23

There has been an update to our cancellation policy in light of the changing times with COVID-19. The Wangapeka is offering a full refund of your course fees, including the $100 deposit. However, there is also an option to donate the deposit to the Centre to help us get through these times. We realise that this will be a financially challenging time for everyone so we are happy for retreatants to choose what works best for them.
Thank you for your patience, understanding and support.

Take care everyone.
With Metta
The Board of Trustees.

If you have any further queries please contact the Wangapeka Centre at:

May all beings be well and happy, may all beings be free! 

† For our detailed plan please see WET Covid-19 Risk, Response and Management Plan Levels 1-4.pdf