06 - 17 Nov 2021


5:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Bodhi Seeds Retreat 2021 – Awakening Through Our True Nature

Bodhi Seeds Retreat 2021

11 days Samatha-Vipassana Retreat
A deep dive into meditation and community for young adults (age 18-35)
6th – 17th November 2021

Why come to this Retreat?

To learn and deepen the art of meditative self inquiry immersed in the beautiful nature of Wanagepeka mountains and valleys.

To build new relationships with other young people who are empowered to be a part of a communities of practice.

To experience a meditation retreat that will bring together gentleness, body work, periods of noble silence, nature inquiry. Facilitated by people who are inspired by the works of Bill Plotkin (Nature and the Human Psyche), Joanna Macy (Work that Reconnects) and Tarchin Hearn (Author of Breathing a Natural guide to Meditation) to name a few of the sources of innovative inspirers.

What is the focus?

This is a Vipassana/Samatha retreat with increasing attention on the cultivation of tranquility. Tarchin Hearn offers an image of Samatha as…

“standing completely firm: solid and unshakably present in the midst of whatever is arising.” The Cycle of Samatha,

We know that this unshakable faith, in the midst of whatever is arising, is medicine for the world we are living in. It is from this place we may glimpse life inspiring insight into the true nature of our belonging. We will be emphasising gentleness, body work and integration through all of the senses and moving modalities.

The cultivation of insightful awareness is a primary capacity to realise human development in a healthy way; aware of the essential conditions of life, impermanence, interbeing and the primordial movement to harmony. We believe that cooperative wholesome self awareness is part of cultivating a thriving beautiful community of practice.

Who is walking beside you on the path?

The retreat is blessed with three facilitators, Jaime Howell, Juliana Griese and Andy McIntosh. It takes place in the beautiful and supportive environment of  the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre. This centre was one of the first retreat centres in Aotearoa. Wangapeka offers us a deeply supportive environment; you will be moving into the presence of generations waking up.

Jaime Howell

Jaime Howell is a musician, story teller, rite of passage developer and Meditation/Open Floor teacher. He is a graduate of a three year school of mindfulness/meditation who went on to spend another three years as the resident practitioner at the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre. He is a volunteer Director of the Rites of Passage Foundation and is the Director of Opening Minds, an organisation dedicated to nourishing the seeds of wisdom and compassion here in Aotearoa. Jaime has a Masters in Education.

Juliana Griese

Juliana Griese has been exploring and sharing progressively since 2007, contemplative practices for the development of consciousness and awakening; of love and clarity of thinking, feeling and acting, moved by a passion and doings in the area of nature and community care through the work in NGOs and research projects in Brazil. She is a passionate NVC practitioner and an enthusiastic supporter of community building.


Andy McIntosh

Andy is a Meditation teacher and Feldenkrias awareness through movement instructor. For the past 15 years he has been Studying Meditation and Awakening under the guidance of, and attendant too, Tarchin Hearn and other inspired teachers. His exploration of Wisdom and Compassion, a deep appreciation of the natural world and regular sharing with others brings a grounded and practical approach to the question of what it means to live well and awaken in these times.


Is this retreat for you?

This is for any experienced young adults (aged 18-35) who want to take their meditation practice and personal inquiry deeper. It is for young people who hunger to do this as a community. We want to support the change makers. Young people who feel motivated to learn how to plant, grow and harvest the fruits of mindfulness and more for the wellbeing of everyone and everything.

In this retreat we expect to offer an opportunity for you to deepen your meditation practice. This means that some experience is required for you to participate. Reflect on these questions, if the answer is mostly yes, you are welcome to register.

  1. Have you ever participated in at least one vipassana or mindfulness retreat for more than 5 days?
  2. Do you have a regular practice of meditation in your daily life or aspire strongly to create one?
  3. Are you hungry for the more beautiful world you heart knows is possible?


Sliding scale $832 – $1200 – including food and accommodation for this 11 days retreat.

($832 – is the baseline – camping as a member at Wangapeka)

We are not including in this price our role as organizers and facilitators. To contribute to our work you can choose to give what is in your heart combining with what is possible for you at this moment. A Dana/Koha box will be available.

Places are limited.


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Do you want more? Bodhi Seeds 2021 full journey.

1st – 31st November:

This Wangapeka retreat is part of a month-long journey into the heart of awakening and healing. A time that we will weave rites of passage processes, nature connection, insight meditation, sacred arts, body/feeling connection through conscious movement and dance. It is divided into three parts and there are some options of participation.

The Wangapeka insight meditation retreat is the second part of the Bodhi Seeds journey. We are welcoming young people aged 18-35 who want to deepen their meditation experience.

If you are interested check here more information

or get in contact with Jaime and Juliana:

Welcome to the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre. People visit from all over the world to meditate and enjoy the peace of this remarkable destination. The Wangapeka is a purpose built retreat centre, with fresh clean air and beautiful vistas. It is very quiet and ideal for respite, stress relief and deep meditation. We have a meditation hall, solo retreat huts, a main hall for dining and community, and a fully catered kitchen and an onsite vegetable garden.

The Wangapeka Study and Retreat Meditation Centre is a Universalist centre home to a wide range of teachings, paths, and studies. Retreats are held on Mindfulness, Vipassana, Insight, Heart based practices, Loving Kindness, Calm-abiding, Metta, Compassion, Conscious Movement, Nature, Forest Walks, Yoga, Dance, Feldenkrais, Wellness, Wellbeing, Archetypal Integration, Western Mysticism, Non-Duality, Zen, Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Mahayana and Vajrayana teachings with Empowerments and Sadhana Practice.

We are located in the foothills of the Southern Alps overlooking the Wangapeka River, about an hour and a half drive SW of Nelson, in the South Island of New Zealand.

We have meditation retreats throughout the year, have huts available for solo retreats, and welcome bookings from external groups. There are also opportunities available to work on our land. Come and enjoy this uniquely vibrant and peaceful centre.

355 Wangapeka River Rd
R.D.2. Wakefield 7096
New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 522 4221

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