Kumanu June 2024

Kumanu is about getting feedback from the community on topical issues. The traditional Saturday hui on our AGM weekend will be a kind of spoken Kumanu.  Here is a taster of the issues where we really would like your input.

SAP Service as the Path is half way through and ends in October. How will the second half be compared with the first half. What will happen in October? Can/should SAP continue and how? SAP evolved out of the Year of Service which in turn was originally conceived at an AGM weekend our  20/21 July event is a very good time to discuss it.

Dogs at Wangapeka; a mini topic that has had maxi and opposite responses ranging from “my dog contributes to a retreat setting to “dogs act up when in an unfamiliar environment so are best left at home”. Is there a workable middle way that dog owners will adhere to?

Insurance. We have a buildings replacement cost of about $3m. Our insurance policy is for $1.5m and our current insurance policy is about $15K. Should we/could we pay 30K for full cover? That is a community decision as to what level of risk to be taken.

Life membership. There have been murmurs of approval to introduce “life membership”. A limited number of these would be awarded to folk who have given much of their life benefiting Wangapeka through being caretaker, volunteer, committee member and benefactor in various ways. This is distinct from being an Elder. Life Members would be exempt from paying the annual subscription and could vote at an AGM. This idea would need approval at an AGM.

Elders. We have our valued Elders but there is no mention of them in the Constitution; it is an informal arrangement. In our increasingly prescriptive world, there is an argument for defining the characteristics, rights and responsibilities of our Elders in an agreed way.

The Constitution Michael Mackinnon has been working on many minor changes in wording needed to make our Constitution comply with the latest legislation. So far, Tracy and Louise have given feedback but we also need to address whether to patch it up or write a new one.

50th anniversary Wangapeka turns 50 next year. A start has been made on naming some activities and there are some ideas too. These will be sounded to see what reaction and interest there is.

Do register and come for the AGM weekend; the hui and the AGM itself

Dave Pooch
Each Kumanu reflects the personal opinion of an individual board member