Kumanu Wangapeka December 2019

Kumanu November 2019 — BOT Summary

Jane Hobday will leave the BOT at the end of 2019 after an amazing 10 years of service to the centre as a trustee. She has such in-depth knowledge of the centre, policy manual and community—we say “What will we do without you?” to which she replies “I’m just down the road—I’m not going anywhere!” The BOT past and present, and members, feel huge gratitude for her contribution. She will stay on the Programmes Committee.

Power Upgrade Fundraising
The BOT welcomes the energy and initiative of the new fundraising committee and their first project: Fundraising for the long overdue power upgrade.

Caretakers and Long Term Volunteers
Annual reviews for the caretakers took the form of useful conversations about their roles—the joys and the challenges.
The ongoing workload issues for caretakers and long term volunteers are being looked at to try and make these roles more sustainable. Restructuring of roles and financial support are being explored in a close conversation among BOT and Caretakers/volunteers.
The BOT are very appreciative of the service and dedication shown by this team of caretakers and long-term volunteers. Their work is essential to the operation of the centre.

Electrical Upgrade: Delta Energy has quoted and now electrician quotes are being sought.
New heat sources are being prioritised for Triple Gem huts and Namgyal Huts. This will make them fume free and fully useable huts during colder months.
A new battery-powered chainsaw will be purchased to replace the old worn out fuel driven model.
A second-hand fridge/freezer and freezer have been purchased and installed.

Treasurers Report
The report shows that the WET budget shows a small surplus. Accommodation and food income have increased. Food income is in line with spending. The overall trend shows a sound financial position at present.

Elders have been offered accommodation at the Wangapeka, with no charge, from January 1st 2020 onwards.

Programmes Committee
2020 Course Teachers and course Managers will be invited to weave the 20/20 A Year of Clear Vision theme into their courses, if they would like to.

Course Managers will be asked to ensure all publicity images submitted for publication through Wangapeka Media are checked for copyright clearance.