Chime Shore: The Four Noble Truths

The Four Noble Truths

1. It is true: There is Dukkha;
The harm and ill of ignorance, darkness and confusion, misunderstanding, greed, hatred and delusion.

2. It is true: Dukkha arises with a cause;
Reactive need, close mindedness, mistaken views, confused intent.

3. It is true: Dukkha can be purified;
Addressed, thought about. It is not permanent; harm can be reduced, transformed, brought to an end.

4. It is true: There is a way to bring an end to Dukkha;
The Eightfold Noble Path; steps to take; compassion.
The full purpose of the Dhamma (Skt. ‘DHARMA’) is to understand and heal DUKKHA; to develop compassion; to cease harm and
develop good, to cultivate the path of peace.

From the Theravada Dhamma Training Text from Karma Lama Chime Shore.