News of Leander Kane

As many people know, our beloved teacher Leander Kane underwent open heart surgery in Hamilton last week. Her surgery was very successful and she is recovering well. Here is the latest post from Dawa Rowley (Thursday 27th Feb)


Our beloved Leander is healing well, starting to talk and eat, and even took a few steps with a walker this morning (Thursday).

Catrin visited briefly today and says that, despite the exhaustion, Leander seems radiant and full of love for life, and she could be home as soon as Saturday.

Participants on her recent retreat wrote a beautiful poem in her honour. After Leander was taken to hospital during her Open-Heartedness and Clear Seeing Retreat, they carried on together sharing the spirit and practice of Leander’s inspiring work.

The Heart of Awakening Flowering Forth

or the Wonders of Serendipity

Our histories have brought us, willing and able,
Together for better not worse.
We’ve started a movement, we’re now getting older
And we need some more help on the land.

Our caretaker’s conscious to see that we’re healthy
And safe on the paths that we go.
We came with our Teacher, blessed with her teachings
And learning our bodies to know.

This story begins, when a night call he heard.
T’was strange and some paining so checked it he out.
The Teacher was down, and was calling distressed
So she soon had two doctors at side.

Her course manager was one, who consulted the other
And forthwith they did dial up three ones.
The local said ‘Fie, the ambulance sure can play
Up this drive’, which it soon passed on by.

Our Laura from Tap, driving manfully up,
Then did call in the chopper to meet her.
They R.V.ed in a paddock, lights flashing and chaddock
And airlifted our Teacher out safe.

With tests done galore, health checks and some more,
She has leapfrogged her way to the top!
Yay, Nelson you’re epic. We hope you’re prophetic
And Waikato will ease her some more.

Its good she has rested, with Nelson crew bested
Whilst we’re holding the space back at home.
We’re softening and strong, exploring along
And drawing good strength to each other.

Take care of our teacher, our wonderful Teacher,
She’s brave as a lion you know.
Gate re-closed and latched, retreat back on its track,
We’re weaving the Dharma some more.

In this hot weather weather, with white hair as our treasure,
We’ve added a line on the board.
Its gather at four, drive down to the shore
And swim and reflect at the river.

‘Retreat’ is sublime as we evolve all the time
To enjoy who we are and what’s now.
There’s a saying we have. T’is a good one to know.
‘All is blessing’ we feel, and must show.

Sarva Mangalam

Openheartedness and Clear Seeing Retreat
Wangapeka Study & Retreat Centre

February 2020