15 Mar 2024 - 05 Apr 2024


5:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Primordial Dharma and the Sadhana of Samantabhadra with Tarchin Hearn

good at the beginning, good in the middle and good at the end

A 3-week residential retreat with Tarchin Hearn

Fri 15 March (5pm) – Fri 5 April (2pm)

The retreat is now fully booked – all huts and units are allocated.

  • If you wish to attend and are happy to camp, then please register and note on the form that you will be camping.
  • If you wish to attend but not camp, then you may ask to be placed on a Waiting List by emailing the Course Manager Mark Schrader –


Primordial Dharma –
     where love and clear seeing perfumes the ever-fresh gardens of our lives
     and the lives of all living beings.
In essence, primordial dharma is an ungraspable treasure.
Fundamentally inconceivable,
     yet good in the beginning, good in the middle and good at the end,
     it mothers, holds, supports and cradles everything.
This ever-fresh dancing of creativity and wonderment . . .
     Its what I am
     and what I do,
     this primordial dharma
     that is also you.

It manifests everyone – continuously unfolding,
     inviting investigation,
     realised by wise lovers of suchness


Five years ago, Tarchin crafted a poetic summation of the path of natural awakening in the form of “A Sadhana of Samantabhadra”. During this retreat he will use that text as a springboard for a rich and meaningful exploration of what could also be thought of as primordial dharma in action. The retreat will be a precious opportunity for people who have been touched by Tarchin’s teachings or writings to come together as a community of friends in dharma to deepen their insight and practice. Over the three weeks, through contemplation, meditation, mindful movement and immersion in the rugged beauty of Wangapeka, we will explore the meeting point of dharma, deep ecology and our place in the world.

Teacher, author and artist, Tarchin draws on the fruits of a life long involvement with Buddhist philosophy and practice, and a passion for contemplative ecological science. If you would like to do a bit of preparation reading before the retreat, we suggest his latest book “This Nectar of Naturalness”. Further information about Tarchin and his work, along with all his publications can be found at  The sadhana text can also be downloaded from this site.


Costs include accommodation, food, cooks fee, and a resource fee. It does not include any payment for the Teaching.

Accommodation in huts or units

Member: NZ$2079 (plus *dana)

Non Member: NZ$2,289 (plus *dana)

Camping accommodation

Member: NZ$1,701 (plus *dana)

Non-member: NZ$1764 (plus *dana)

If you wish to camp, you will need to bring your own camping equipment. Please also write “Camping” on the registration form when you register – thanks.


In the Buddhist spirit of dana, the practice of generosity, Tarchin offers these teachings freely. He relies entirely on the generosity of people who feel that this work is worth supporting. You are welcome to offer dana as an appreciation of the gift of the Teaching. A ‘dana box’ will be available in the main hall at Wangapeka. Generosity begets generosity.


1. Preference will be given to those who are able to attend the entire retreat.

2. Please organize your transport so that you are present at the evening meal on Friday 15th March and so you can stay until the retreat’s conclusion – after lunch – on Friday 5th April.

Information and Registration

If you would like further information, please feel welcome to contact the Course Manager: Mark Schrader –

FYI – Mark will be on retreat until October 23rd and will respond to any enquiries after he returns – thanks.

To register please fill out our online registration form

The retreat is now fully booked – all huts and units are allocated.

  • Only register if you are willing to camp, and note on the registration form that you will be camping.
  • Otherwise contact the Course Manager if you wish to be placed on the Waiting List.


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Mark Schrader

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