Kumanu February 2024

Minutes and reports:


Land Care report

Centre Caretaker Report

Maintenance Sub-Committee Report

What’s been happening:

Service as the path is coming closer, with Mark and Kath busy packing up their home in Nelson & preparing to come to Wangapeka for Service As the Path. Glenn and Karen hosted a beautiful & well-attended send-off in Nelson this week wishing them all the best.

A big thanks to Mark and Kath for their service, gifting their time and energy to make Service as the Path possible. They have already put in a tremendous amount of mahi to prepare for SAP.

If this is the first you have heard of SAP head to the website for more information: Service as the Path (2024) – The Wangapeka Study and Meditation Retreat Centre

Bonni & Matthews Cabin is nearly ready for move-in day. Day after day, week after week, month after month a dedicated crew have been coming up to Wangapeka to build the cabin. Thanks to everyone who has offered support!

Volunteer Units: The ablution block is on its way to Wangapeka. Glenn and Simon have been hard at work building foundations, and Jacinta has been keeping the fires warm, sprucing up the surrounding areas & clearing Blackberry.

What we are reckoning with:

Pet Policy: Thanks to everyone who has inputted feedback on the pet policy. The Board is currently drafting a revised edition.

Fire Safety: Tracy, the centre caretaker is researching fire safety for the property & developing an action plan. More to come!

Simmering away
we are navigating afew projects and proposals from the community, including the Tiwaiwaka working group which has been developing a native planting initiative. More to come on these and other proposals.

Want to support the centre? Join the Board!

Our next AGM is coming up on the weekend of the 26th of July. Should you be interested, please reach out to coordinator.wangapeka@gmail.com to discuss.

Dana to the Centre:

There is always lots of interesting jobs to do at the centre that can be allocated to meet your skills and energy levels. A free lift is available up on a Tuesday and Back on a wednesday. Contact simon@jals.co.nz to discuss jobs and pick-up.

People to contact:

Board Of Trustees

Name Role Contact
Simon Jones Treasurer treasurer.wangapeka@gmail.com
Dave Pooch Coordinator coordinator.wangapeka@gmail.com
Dan Burgess-Milne Secretary danburgessmilne@gmail.com
Georgia McCrory-Bowick georgiambowick@gmail.com
Michael Mackinnon michael.mackinnon.55@gmail.com

Caretaking team

Name Role Contact
Tracy Abbot Centre Caretaker centrecaretaker.wangapeka@gmail.com
Brooke Walker Office Caretaker wangapekacentre@gmail.com
Simon Jones Non-resident land caretaker landcaretaker.wangapeka@gmail.com


Committee Contact
Programmes Karen Harley – waihoraorganics8@gmail.com
Communications wanga.comms@gmail.com
Maintenance treasurer.wangapeka@gmail.com
Fundraising georgiambowick@gmail.com
Finance treasurer.wangapeka@gmail.com
Health and safety michael.mackinnon.55@gmail.com
50th Anniversary coordinator.wangapeka@gmail.com