Kumanu January 2021

Our January BoT meeting was its usual colourful array of some of us physically present and others zooming in from around the country side. It is a joyful coming together and a pleasure to see each other’s smiling faces, with humour, goodwill and focussed attention on the matters before us. Thanks BoT for being such a supportive team, and gratitude to the Sub-Committees for your magnificent hands on efforts in keeping WET a vibrant community.

Items of interest to share with you this month:

2020 A Year of Clear Vision

The BoT is very appreciative of the offerings from the 2020 Year of Clear Vision Project, which has:

• Generated a valuable resource of video teachings from many key Namgyal Rinpoche inspired teachers from around the globe. These will become available on the WET website.
• Offered Dana to plant a group of trees as a visual screen for the new power pole.

Funding 2.5 Caretaker positions

• There is much work behind the scenes to work through various options on how to meet this increase in general running costs, while maintaining fund raising efforts for specific projects.


A big acknowledgement of gratitude to the Maintenance Sub-committee who are working on many projects:

• Mikes workshop conversion for additional accommodation
• Disabled access
• Tree management
• Identifying the scale of maintenance and resources needed at the Centre
• Supporting the current Land Care Team of Paul, Fred and Ramon.

More members are needed on this team to work in different areas, so if this sounds like something you could help with please email Tim tjleyland@yahoo.com


• Welcome to Malu and Hadleigh who will begin Caretaking at the Centre on the 1st of February
• Thank you and appreciation to Paul our interim Caretaker, and Ramon and Fred our stoic volunteers who stepped into the unknown and have held the Centre with care over the last few months and will remain on during February.

BoT Visioning Weekend March 2021

The question that has arisen for BoT is, “is our current way a wholesome offering for these times and if not, what changes need to be made? Are we offering all that we can offer in the most skilful, wise and compassionate of ways?”

With all that is happening in the world, it seemed prudent to press pause and look deeply into how we are currently operating and offering. We felt we needed a two staged hui; initially with key people who already actively support the centre, then a wider community hui shaped by what happens in the first one.