The Healing Bubble Meditation by Tarchin Hearn

This exercise is particularly good for people who are feeling depressed. The first time you do it, get some soap bubble blowing equipment and spend a bit of time blowing bubbles. Observe the bubbles very closely and feel the way they float.


Part One

Now imagine that you are inside a large soap bubble. Feel and see the swirling colours around you. The bubble is bright, alive and constantly moving. Work on this until the feeling of the bubble is very strong. If it helps you can play some relaxing music in the background. Imagine that this bubble is an embodiment of your energy field.

Part Two

Once you have a feeling for the bubble then gently focus on your breathing. Imagine that there is a channel of golden light from the crown of your head to the tip of your spine. Each time you breathe, the energy in this channel grows brighter and there seems to be a dancing dialogue between the golden column and the swirling rainbow bubble. With a bit of practice you will fnd that you can develop this very quickly.

Part Three

Now think of a situation in your life when someone has done something hurtful to you or that you have done something hurtful to another.

Or think of a time you were sick or in an accident. Think of any situation that caused you to lose energy. Anger, guilt, resentment, fear, pain etc.

All of these diminish one’s energy feld. Think of a specifc situation, and then mentally call out for that energy to return. Ask it to come back to you.

As you do this, imagine the energy in the form of streams of coloured light coming in from all directions of space. They dissolve into the bubble and strengthen it.

Think of another situation and ask the energy to return. Feel it coming back and merging with the swirling colours of the bubble. Go through as many things as you can think of that have reduced, or diminished your energy in some way and invite the energy to return. This work is not an analysis of negatives. It is a positive restoration. Simply acknowledge the negative energy draining situation, and call back the energy.

Part Four

After you have contacted enough memories, shift the focus back to the breathing. Feel the dynamic play between the column of golden light and the bubble. Each one strengthens the other until both feel brilliant and radiant.


Part Five

At the end let the energy of the bubble merge with the energy of the golden column. Then let this soft radiance difuse throughout your body. Mentally wish that any positive energy or realisations arising from doing this work be for the beneft of others.


This meditation was inspired by the work of Janet Goodrich’s book, Natural Vision Improvement, and is excerpted from Meditative First Aid by Tarchin Hearn, you can download or read online the whole booklet here: